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2020-11-02 06:41:32

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In our article today, we are going to tell you everything you need to know about how to destroy the AI ​​plane in Watch Dogs Legion.

 What is the mission of the plane of the AI ​​in Watch Dogs Legion.

This is a recruitment mission in which your main task will be to investigate why an operative and all his staff were fired from their jobs, this mission will mean that at one point in the game you will have to destroy the plans of an AI machine and We will help you with this guide on how to destroy the AI ​​plane.

How to destroy the AI ​​blueprint in Watch Dogs Legion?

There are two ways to complete this mission, the silent and the noisy, it all depends on the gameplay you want to use.

Stealthy way.

The key to the stealth form is in the use of Taser technology to short-circuit the AI ​​plane silently. It will be necessary for fans to leave the area undetected, just keep in mind that if you do not have an operator with a Taser piston among their tools you will have to use extreme measures.

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Noisy shape.

Shooting directly at the AI blueprint machine until they explode is not exactly one of the easiest things in the world since it will alert nearby enemies, here you can stay and fight against the enemies that appear, but the best thing is to escape and make the operating alive so I can try again later.

The AI blueprints will create a machine that will eliminate the jobs of millions of people in London, so after destroying it you can recruit the citizen you spoke to at the beginning

  That's all you need to know about how to destroy the AI blueprint in Watch Dogs Legion, we hope our guide has been of the greatest possible use to you and that you have managed to destroy the blueprint quickly in the way that best suits your way of life. game.

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