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Apex Legends: How to eliminate a Trident in Season 7

2020-11-02 06:38:09

Guide to learn how to eliminate a trident in season 7 in Apex Legends

  Season 7 of Apex Legends brings a new drivable action for users: the ability to drive a car. They also come with a new set of cheats and challenges. Tridents spawn within POIs around the outer edge of the map, meaning teams can often rely on them to get from point A to point B.

There are a limited number of Tridents in each match, so if you see another team driving one, you'll want to take it out of commission. While the Trident does not have a health bar, and dealing damage to it will only slightly damage the player inside, you can disable it. All this is important to survive in the new edition so in this guide we will teach you how to eliminate a trident in season 7

How to remove a trident in season 7 in Apex Legends?

As we mentioned before, there are several methods to eliminate the trident, so we present the appropriate methods and their way of acting each one:

Arc Stars Grenades

This method being one of the most effective that requires the least planning and can be done with any legend is simply to throw an arc star at it. If the vehicle is moving fast it can be a bit tricky, but also nothing is stopping your squad from spamming Arc Stars in front of a moving Trident or using it on a Trident that is stationary.

Wattson Perimeter Security Fencing

Perimeter security fencing turns out to be a major advantage. If you play Wattson, you can set up fences along ramps or main roads to disable or deter Tridents from trying to cross them. It will also be valuable to place them in tight corners, so that players can turn into them before they know what hit them.

Sentinel charged (disruptive rounds)

A Charged Sentinel used to have the advantage of dealing more damage to shields, but now it turns out to be an interesting technique as the extra hit serves a dual purpose. A charged sentinel can deactivate a trident. This is the only way to do this in the long term, and it is useful to note that the Sentinel is the fully equipped golden weapon rotation with the 4x-10x digital threat optics equipped.

Making an overview of the above it can be said that any weapon that has the ability to electrocute a player, can disable a Trident when hitting it and take it out of service. You should try them to see which one best suits your playing style.

 Now that you know how to eliminate a trident in season 7 in Apex Legends, you will be able to acquire the best movement that best suits the situation or your own style, which is very valid as long as it works. Luck!

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