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Lidia Rozo
2020-11-03 14:49:59

More about: Watch Dogs Legion

Watch Dogs Legion has arrived and with it a lot of action in such a way that it is necessary to tell you How to Disrupt the propaganda in the City of Westminster

Why Disrupt the propaganda in Watch Dogs Legion?

It is clear that not all the people both inside and outside of reality can agree with everything all the time, here it is necessary to know how to Disrupt propaganda in the city of Westminster since this is simply part of a puzzle that is not very complex to solve but somehow it can become somewhat cumbersome, since it does not seem to be entirely clear.
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How to disrupt the propaganda in the City of Westminster in Watch Dogs Legion?

 The propaganda that needs to be interrupted is located in the northwest of Westminster and to get to this place there is no better comfort than a drone, with which it is possible to go to the roof of a building, only here we will see a black cage with which in some way we must interact specifically with the box that it usually has inside since it is specifically necessary to command a Spiderbot, we proceed to get it in a nearby conduit and remove it from said space, this is a task that allows us to push some amount of boxes cardboard of the place and move them towards the gray cubes, specifically we will observe that there are two in a corner, so we move the boxes and in the same way we proceed to jump over them since this allows us to have the possibility of entering an area where there is a black box.

One of the tasks with which it is necessary to fight is with the cameras that are located at the top, it is possible to hijack them, then we call back a drone that could perfectly be located on the platform in front of the cameras and that is where our task is. since it offers us the possibility of hacking it and using it so that it can lift the black briefcase, which offers us the opportunity to reveal another conduit through which Spiderbot can enter and thus get the propaganda of Westminster is simply interrupted.

Our work can achieve that the control of the Cargo Bot is finalized and that it offers us the possibility of being able to move our recruit to hijack the camera again, proceed to control the Spiderbot again and proceed to transfer it to a terminal where it will be necessary to have the possibility of interacting to achieve the objective of interrupting the propaganda that leads us to the opportunity to unlock the spy, which makes it a somewhat tangled task but not very difficult despite all these movements that we manage to do.

 Definitely, knowing how to Disrupt propaganda in the city of Westminster becomes an important task because we managed to move through complex areas in Watch Dogs Legion to reach the necessary objective.

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