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2020-11-02 06:33:58

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Guide to learn how to use Quickdraw Hop-Up in season 7 in Apex Legends

  It's not uncommon for Jumps to continue to prevail between seasons as the Care Pack weapons, but it's much less common to see a new Jump join the roster. In fact, we haven't seen a new Leap since the Anvil Receiver was introduced in season 3. and being already in season 7 is saying a lot.

Speaking of Season 7: Ascension added a new jump add that will not only work on two weapons, one of those weapons is getting its second Jump with this change. In this guide we will teach you in an easy way how to use it correctly.
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How to use Quickdraw Hop-Up in season 7 in Apex Legends?

Quickdraw Jump works, like most jumps in the game, with two weapons. One such weapon is the Wingman, which previously only carried a Skullpiercer. Now the heavy pistol will take two Jumps, in the same way that the Havoc Rifle has a history of taking the Selectfire or Turbocharger.

The other weapon that works with said arm in a good way is the RE-45, which hasn't had a jump since Season 2, due to the Season 3 removal of the Disruptor Rounds Hop-Up jump.

How does it work?

The Quickdraw Hop-Up is self-explanatory in some respects, but the jump offers three major upgrades to the weapon it is equipped for.

-The speed of Aim Down Sights will be increased

-The accuracy of shooting without a viewfinder will be better

-You will draw the weapon faster, either by switching from another pistol or by drawing a weapon after running unarmed.

This style of play will pair very well with a sniper or shotgun. So it will be very beneficial in the middle of the battle.

 Now that you know how to use the Quickdraw Hop-Up in season 7 in Apex Legends you will be able to perform better movements combined with much more striking and precise weapons, so it will be fun to perform whenever you can. Good luck!

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