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If you want to know how to unlock masks in Watch Dogs Legion, this guide has everything you should know.

What are Watch Dogs Legion masks?

It is one of the interesting elements that you can find in the game and that you can place your agents when they are in the shade. It is evident that it is an element of great utility and that everyone should have, so that here we are going to tell you how to unlock masks.

How to unlock masks in Watch Dogs Legion?

The first way to unlock skins is by searching and finding them scattered throughout the various boroughs of London. You can pick up the masks with a drone or simply by hand and you will know where to find them because they are marked as white gas masks on the map in the blue containers.

Keep in mind that turning a district into Defiant will not mark it on the map, so it will be necessary to track the city to find the location.

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You can also find skins in the UPlay store, so if you have enough Uplay coins you can buy them without problems.

Some skins linked to the latest edition of the game can only be purchased by purchasing them.

When you know which mask to buy you will have to go to a clothing store and interact with the terminal of the external computer you will have access to the menu of items for sale> access the tab where all cosmetic items are displayed> "Masks" and you will be able to see all your available skins.

Once you have a mask that you like, go to any clothing store across the district> interact with the computer terminal outside to access a menu showing all the different clothing items for sale> go to the next tab showing all the cosmetic items you currently own. You will see a box labeled "Skins", so select it to see all the skins you currently have. Now equip it for your operation and hit the road.

 That is all you have to know about how to unlock masks in Watch Dogs Legion, as you may have noticed, it is quite easy to access the skins and having two ways to do it is much easier to choose one of the two.

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