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This guide is perfect if you want to know how to use the deep profiler in Watch Dogs Legion.

What is the deep profiler in Watch Dogs Legion?

This is a technological update that you can obtain at the beginning of the game and that costs a good amount of technology points. This update will allow you to know where and when you can find a character on a given day, as well as research tips to recruit people who do not like DedSec.

How to use the deep profiler in Watch Dogs Legion?

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The first thing you have to do to use the generator is to unlock it, for which you will have to make use of some technology points by accessing the Technology tab. Then head over to the Team page of the menu> hover over any prospective recruits> press the Triangle or Y button to further profile them and access their recruiting schedule and leads.

You will then have to press the Square / X button to investigate a character's recruitment clues and then view them on the map.

Establish the reference point you want to go to and go here and complete the task that Bagley tells you to later return to that person and start a normal recruiting mission. Upon completing this recruiting mission, the person will join your team.

 Now that you know how to use the deep profiler in Watch Dogs Legion, we hope you get the most out of this tool. Remember that we already have a lot of content about this game that we recommend you review.

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