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2020-11-03 06:08:28

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Guide to learn how to save your game in Watch Dogs Legion

  Ubisoft's new presentation has been attracting attention lately among video game fans. This open concept game based on an old London has kept many abreast of what happens in history. You will head to the city as any character you like as you make your way through the missions but you may not be entirely sure how to save your game in this incredible game, so we will teach you how to make sure that don't lose your progress.

How to save your game in Watch Dogs Legion?

From what we've collected so far, there is no manual save option in the game, allowing you to make multiple saves with the ability to go back to previous points.

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However, if you just want to make sure your progress isn't lost the next time you jump, there are a couple of things you can do to force a save.

You see, every time you do a mission in the game, it will be saved automatically. And not only that, but also when you fast travel or leave the safe house, it will be saved at various points during missions, acting as checkpoints.

You will see a small icon in the corner of the screen that indicates when the game is recording your progress, and you can press the pause button (Options on PS4 and Menu on Xbox consoles) to open the menu and exit, knowing that you will start from there point the next time you load the game.

  Now that you know how to save your game in Watch Dogs Legion you can keep all your progress in this new game that has attracted so much attention. Luck!

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