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We have made for you a Watch Dogs Legion guide where we are going to tell you How to recruit people who do not like DedSec

Why don't some people want to join DedSec at Watch Dogs Legion?

  Not necessarily everyone is interested in joining DedSec, as some people tend to have skills and some occupations that simply do not allow them, such is the case of the police who are usually opposed to this type of thing since it does not go directly With your line of work, however, it is possible to scan some people so that they can be recruited for DedSec.
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How to recruit people who don't like DedSec in Watch Dogs Legion?

 Our objective is to get the necessary clues and proceed to mark the necessary locations to the objective and fulfill some necessary assignments from there so that they can join us, since in a way this usually works simply as a standard recruiting mission for The one that is worth the effort, since thanks to the skills of some of these people it is possible to get more out of this game.

  •  To know that someone is not interested in joining, just look at a red thumb when we scan it.
  • To recruit it is necessary to go to the Team tab in the menu.
  • Then the Deep Profiler technology update is required.
  • In case of being blocked, it is ideal to press the Triangle / Y button since this allows us to make a more in-depth profile of the person, in addition to displaying their agenda for the day.


Now that you know how to recruit people who don't like DedSec, it's time to give it a try and enjoy many more people on Watch Dogs Legion.

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