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Angel Marquez
2020-11-04 14:23:57

More about: Watch Dogs Legion

Learn How to find all the masks of all the pigs, as this is a necessary tre in Watch Dogs Legion.

What to know about the masks of all the pigs in Watch Dogs Legion?

We have the option of equipping the masks that are hidden in the game, these being an important variety and that become complicated to find, among these are the pig ones, which comes from 3 different places and to solve How to find all the masks of all pigs it is necessary to follow some recommendations that are presented in the following content of this guide.

How to find all the masks of all the pigs in Watch Dogs Legion?

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We find the first of the masks in a blue box, which is in the shelter at the top of some stairs, having to go through some servers until we find a catwalk, now in London we are going to find the second mask, having precisely located in Roberts and Hall, next to a bridge, to get here it is necessary to go through the doors of a building and make a right turn, where the spider robot must be used to search, in a corner we end up finding it and to The final mask, considering the one with the greatest difficulty to find, is in Broca Teche in Westminster, it is a restricted area, strongly guarded and we will have to use the spider robot once more, when going up some stairs we will You will arrive at the location of some barrels and we will finally find the mask, in the customization portal is where you have to enter to equip the masks.

In this way we finish our Watch Dogs Legion guide, now you know how to find all the masks of all the pigs, just enjoy it to the fullest.

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