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2020-11-03 22:30:56

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With our Watch Dogs Legion guide you will learn more about How to change the time.

What to know about the time in Watch Dogs Legion?

It is a key factor in the game because it dictates the moment of the appearances of the characters, but although this is sometimes tedious it is possible to change the time, it is something that we can do for some time to benefit and avoid such possible inconveniences, which will lead us to understand How to change the time, then let's see the details below.

How to change the time in Watch Dogs Legion?

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Unlocking the deep profile technology has to do with what we must do first, since through this it is possible to visualize the contact details and the schedule of a character, what we will do when having this ability is that at the moment that we approach the character we will be able to save it as a recruit, which will be highlighted in the menu and it will be possible to add them to our team, it is necessary to activate this technology and then carry out the search in the time program that we would like to skip , the step to follow when we have the right moment will take us to the choice of investigating and reaching the point of investigation, this will be present on the map, when we are in that place we will receive a notification related to the waiting for the time chosen by us, allowing the use of the ticket for the due trip.

It is important that if we cannot find the time for a recruitment that we do the whole process for other characters, it is a different recruitment mechanism in the game, taking into account the option that these are possible, certainly if we do not arrive To be patient, we will go through some problems when looking for a character, but otherwise we can make adjustments to our needs with the schedule, these characters being skillful operations, being the most common fact for any of us, among these operations spies, hitman and beekeeper are included, there are specific hours for the location of these possibly, although the missions of the municipality can help us to unlock them, an advantage of time manipulation becomes the search for a replacement.

We can conclude that knowing how to change the time is easier than thought by applying these steps in this guide, just do it and keep progressing in Watch Dogs Legion.

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