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The details in Watch Dogs Legion are important and this leads us to tell you How to customize a car

Why customize a car in Watch Dogs Legion?

Undoubtedly there are quite a few interesting things that we can do in this game and the mere possibility of knowing how to customize a car, because even if there are not many changes, we are given the possibility of making changes that may be simple but that somehow make a difference This is a simple but remarkable feature, especially since it is not possible to make in-depth modifications other than its physical appearance, but in some way this can represent a positive element.
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How to customize a car in Watch Dogs Legion?

Our work begins by opening the customization menu to observe the Skins and colors that may be available for our customization process, it is here where we are given the opportunity to choose the one that we consider favorable, in such a way that this leads us to paint the cars and customize only its appearance, for which it is necessary:


  •  Recruit an operative with a vehicle.
  • Then go to the team tab of the menu.
  • Proceed to select operating.
  • Then we proceed to press A / X to open the inventory.
  • Then press Y / Triangle to access the vehicle customization menu.


 It is necessary to consider some necessary aspects in this game and it is that having ordered the game in advance simply leaves us with a Skin option available for our vehicle, however, while we are playing, we have the opportunity to get ETO and thus access some skins and colors that can be unlocked, it is only necessary to have an amount that can range from 580 to 23,500 ETO.

On the other hand, we can recruit operatives who can have their own vehicle and choose to customize it, for which it is necessary to do a search through the neighborhoods of Westminster or simply choose to recruit spies at random.

 In this sense, knowing how to customize a car simply makes us get involved in a colorful task in Watch Dogs Legion, so don't let him do it.

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