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Some things in Watch Dogs Legion are just phenomenal and this allows us to tell you how to change the music, let's see.

Why change the music in Watch Dogs Legion?

Without a doubt, making changes to a game is an interesting option and that in a way allows us to become a little more familiar with it, fortunately here we have an interesting variety, in such a way that knowing how to change the music is fabulous, because London counts with some amount of radios which gives us the opportunity to listen to varied music of various styles that allows us to stay entertained while we take a walk around the city, the only thing that is not possible to do is a playlist, however, that is so little is so bad in spite of everything.
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How to change music in Watch Dogs Legion?


  •  To change the music it is necessary to play O on the keyboard or press the left key of our D-pad.
  • If we hold down the D-pad button or press / on the keyboard, the music will simply mute.


 In this game there is no possibility of creating a playlist, or that is something quite rare since there are some similar games that usually allow it, however, not everything can work in the same way, since it is necessary to limit ourselves to the music that can broadcast the stations, there is no option to choose the music for the station that we consider favorable, what we can achieve is that the music can be played every time we enter the vehicle and this can be done from the menu, accessing the options of Audio.

Radio stations offer in a way some amount of music, to know about radio stations it is only necessary to visualize the icons that are shown on the minimap, as this allows us to see the title of the song and artist that is being played. playing, the music we will hear frequently here is.

  •  Rock.
  • Hip hop.
  • Techno.
  • Classical music.
  • British pop.


 Definitely, Watch Dogs Legion has an interesting selection of music so knowing how to change music can become a fun task.

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