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Lidia Rozo
2020-11-04 15:22:20

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Watch Dogs Legion allows us to have some interesting characters and this leads us to explain how to find the anarchist

Who is the anarchist in Watch Dogs Legion?

This is simply a vital operation, because they have special abilities as well as some weapons that make them simply special, because to their credit they have a list of interesting tasks that make us have to mobilize and focus on knowing how to find the anarchist since without a doubt some will offer us some favorable jobs and it is not possible to put it aside.
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How to find the anarchist in Watch Dogs Legion?

 To achieve this, it is necessary to focus on performing a total of 4 specific tasks, and this usually occurs when we manage to liberate Southwark to the southwest of the main city, in such a way that knowing how to find the anarchist makes us embark on a search task that can lead to simply represent a real challenge and these tasks are as follows:


  •  Photograph the evidence: this is a fairly easy activity in Watch Dogs Legion since it is necessary to focus on mobilizing from the main entrance on the right side of the office and proceed to lower the guards in order to take some photos, for this it is necessary to access Albion's restricted office.
  • Digital disfigurement: We continue the tasks to know how to find the anarchist and this leads us to have to locate a black building with a screen on one side, proceed to hack the screen terminal which leads us to use the ideal cargo drone To fly this terminal, once this is achieved it is time to use a crane in Watch Dogs Legion completing the digital defacement completely.
  • Hacking CtOS Hub: we continue working continuously and this leads us to hack the cockpit of an aircraft to redirect it, so that it is necessary to first hack the server for which it is necessary to choose to press Q to recover the data and then take control of the plane As this task is carried out on the roof of the Civil Aviation Traffic Office at Watch Dogs Legion, it is only necessary to access the roof to observe the server and carry out our master plan, considering to be careful with surveillance.
  • Sabotage some vehicles: this is the fourth and last task to know how to find the anarchist which leads us to interact with the console to destroy some vehicles, for this it is only necessary to enter an Albion facility, of course this is not so easy to despite everything, since it is a place that is guarded.

How to recruit the anarchist in Watch Dogs Legion?

Our work has already allowed us to know how to find the anarchist, but this cannot be left alone there and makes us have to recruit him, which leads us to embark on a mission so that it can happen, in such a way that it is necessary to focus on carrying out two more tasks to have it with us, this leads us to go up to the top of the elevator and get to hack the control panel to be able to turn it on since this allows us to have the ability to interrupt the Albion operations server in the building that of equal mode is guarded, which leads us to take out our Spiderbot and take a look to the right to locate some targets, this is ifela as it crawls through a vent, in such a way that it is ideal for hacking the control panel and with this, the controlled drone can go to the server to locate the battery and start our final task of the mission in Watch Dogs Legion.

Finding the high-capacity battery leads us to consider doing this work using a drone, but also being careful enough because there are strong air currents and they can ruin our task, so that when accessing the SOLO 1 area, it will be necessary to go down and turn right to continue the route of the red light and access SILO 2, we continue the route through the tubes until we find a hole where we can see the steam, we turn right between the tubes with Be careful avoiding crashing to go to the other side, and reach the door with a fan located in the corner of the left side, continue through an alley to where the yellow marker is located.

Our job consists of locating the door but avoiding the red laser, then focusing on hacking the access code of the guard of said room, scanning and hiding the drone so that it does not damage it, once inside we get the access code that opens the door of the final terminal and it has a high capacity battery, which makes us take it and return to the terminal that we have entered when we leave the elevator and take the drone, after this process we escape from the building getting the anarchist to join us to undertake interesting work in Watch Dogs Legion.

These are the anarchist abilities in Watch Dogs Legion:

  •  Smoke Grenade - Great for blocking your view and disorienting enemies.
  • Studded Truncheon - Ideal for close combat.
  • Bandana: makes us immune to all kinds of gas damage.
  • Mouthguard: Favorable for reducing melee damage.

 Definitely, knowing How to find the anarchist makes us embark on a very complex and risky activity in Watch Dogs Legion but that at the end of everything is simply favorable.

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