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2020-11-04 08:11:09

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Welcome to our Watch Dogs Legion guide where we will talk about How to get infinite money.

What to know about the money in Watch Dogs Legion?

Certainly in this game money plays an important role, since they allow us to have access to many things, including cosmetics, due to a failure it is possible to have it infinitely, so if we are going to take advantage of this it is necessary have an idea of how to get infinite money and the next details will help us in it, let's see.

How to get infinite money in Watch Dogs Legion?

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We have this possibility of doing it on all platforms, being necessary the same process, in which we will do the following:

  • Choosing a character to later go to a pub
  • Have a drink and get ETO out of a safe if we want
  • We have to kill ourselves at the entrance of the pub and a balance from a height is the most appropriate, being a drone useful
  • Go through the option of operating change
  • Don't click to choose it
  • Be static on this screen and close the application with Alt F4 on the PC or the one that corresponds to our console
  • In a while, start the game again
  • We continue the campaign
  • Now we must be in front of the pub as a sign that it worked
  • Go find the safe inside the pub, open it and get the ETO, making this infinite
  • It is possible that this failure at some point will be corrected by ubisoft so we must take advantage of it while it is available.

It is evident that knowing how to get infinite money allows us to have more fun in Watch Dogs Legion.

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