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2020-11-10 13:57:22

As countries worldwide enter a series of mini lockdowns, people are still staying at home or even have their school canceled. Essentially, there’s a lot of time being spent inside right now, especially with the colder weather looming. It’s a perfect time to look adversity head-on and beat it by staying inside and playing the latest Xbox releases. With a lot of great new titles available and new ones on the horizon, you’ll be spoilt for choice.

Have Your Adventure

Looking towards some adventure games and open-world RPGs and Xbox fans are in for a treat. Imagine the future with Watch Dogs Legion. You can build up your team of hackers, recruit practically any NPC in London for them to become a playable character. So, if you want to see a pensioner parkouring across Whitechapel, then go for it.

It’s also about time that Ubisoft gives us another Assassin’s Creed game, and this year we move from Romans to Vikings on Assassin’s Creed Valhalla. Expect the adventure to continue, with improved visuals and performance.  And if you like ancient mythology, keep an eye out for Immortals Fenyx Rising later this year. Created by the brains behind Assassin’s Creed Odyssey, this game explores ancient Greek myth and gives you the chance to save gods and kill monsters. Who needs Kratos, hey?

We also have to mention Cyberpunk 2077. Not just because of all the Keanu Reeves memes, but because, fingers crossed, it is actually launching in December this year. If CD Projeckt RED left you impressed with The Witcher, this RPG could be your next favorite game.

Shoot It Up

Right now, who wouldn’t want to kick back and blast away on a first-person shooter? While there are always plenty of games available, such as Fortnite still running strong, sometimes it’s good to enjoy a classic. And what better than the next sequel to a classic – Halo Infinite.  The release date has been rumored to be in December 2020, though it could be in the New Year (we hope not). It’s about time we got to see the Master Chief back in action. We’ll also be waiting for the third-person shooter, Outriders, and the latest Hitman to give us more gun-toting action.

Decentralized Blockchain Games

A big thing in gaming right now is playing on the blockchain. Already games like Minecraft and Roblox are encouraging players all over the world to build their own environments, interact and share their world. New blockchain-based games are introducing the ability to monetize this. The Sandbox Game is a prime example, giving you complete ownership of your creations and opportunities to earn while you play. Unfortunately, it’s not available on the Xbox (but who knows?), but as a Microsoft user, surely you’ve got a PC to try it out?

MMO Updates

With a lot of MMO games still in development, lots of existing games do have updates that will be released. The most popular one that we’re waiting for is Destiny 2: Beyond Light, a new raid for you to enjoy. It’s a six-person Pinnacle activity, which challenges guardians to push themselves as far as they can go. Expect challenging encounters that could be based on puzzles, waves, or both. Get your team ready.

The other games that should be released either in November or December this year include Enlisted, a squad-based shooter build around famous battles from World War 2. And the other is Fear the Wolves, a competitive Battle Royale. You have to get a move on escaping from a radiated Chernobyl, with mutants, the environment, and other players battling against you.

Thinking Hats at the Ready

It feels like an age since we were treated to a new Gears of War game, but Gears 5 hit us like a ton of bricks with its ending. If you were waiting for a new release (just like us), then Gears Tactics could meet your needs. Although available on Steam, it’s now coming to the Xbox finally. However, rather than an over-the-shoulder third-person shooter, it’s a turn-based strategy game set 12 years after the first. It’s going to be an interesting take on Gears, and we wonder if Marcus Fenix makes a cameo. He has to, really, right? But if 1920s Prohibition themes are more up your street, then watch out for Empire of Sin, coming at the beginning of December. Hustle, charm, and beat your way (literally) to the top.

Simulate Your Life Away

If you’re still a massive Sims player, then watch out for this year’s Sims 4 Snowy Escape expansion pack. Replace the sandy dunes from the last Journey to Batuu pack with snow, snowboards, and hot springs! Moving on from people to rollercoasters, you can enjoy Planet Coaster: Console Edition in November. Create your own rides piece by piece and connect your global village with other players.

There are lots of new releases which will keep us entertained over the next few months. Bring it on.

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