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Lidia Rozo
2020-11-02 04:49:25

More about: Watch Dogs Legion

Today we come here to tell you how to open blocked entry points, as this is necessary to continue in Watch Dogs Legion.

What are closed access points in Watch Dogs Legion?

These are simply doors that are closed and it is not possible to enter, it is not possible to open them just by pressing a button, unfortunately they do not work in this way, in such a way that our cybernetic self must be channeled a little, this does not it is such a difficult task in spite of everything, but if we don't know how to do it we will simply be lost.
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How to open blocked entry points in Watch Dogs Legion?

 To open these points it is necessary to find some way to do it, only that we have an interesting advantage and that is that we have three particular ways to do it, counting that the first thing we must consider is the icon that we can see on the screen and these three ways are as follows:

  • Hack the power terminals.
  •  It is necessary to consider that red power terminals are undoubtedly usually easy to avoid, and it is simply our first way to reach our goal about How to open blocked entry points, for which it is necessary:

 Scan the area (V / R3), or simply press and hold the Hack button which is simply the mouse wheel in the center / LB and this allows us to see the red power cables that usually connect the door or access to the terminal.

  • Our job is to continue to the terminal, however, hacking it to destroy it can be an excellent option.
  • We can use a Spiderbot to hack it.


 Get the key card.

 This is a second way to open blocked entry points, there is no major difference in terms of the red lines, which simply leads us to scan or hack to highlight the real key and this can be seen on the minimap.

  •  Our goal is to follow and track the key, this can be a bit complex especially since it will be a grump specifically who carries it.
  • Once we are somewhat close to the grumpy one, it is necessary to choose to neutralize it and proceed to download the key.


 Solve the diamond puzzle.

 This is our last work to achieve our goal, even though the puzzles may not be complex, this has a certain degree of difficulty, which leads us to make some modifications in the Accessibility menu, for which we will only see the red lines of data flow that usually goes from the source to the closed door, in such a way that this makes us have to rotate some nodes in the room with the idea that the path can turn blue, then our job is to hack the camera of the room since this will be the only thing that allows us to interact with said puzzle, although there is also the possibility of deploying a robot spider in Watch Dogs Legion.

 This is all you need to know about How to open blocked entry points, as we only focus on finding the necessary ways and thereby achieving other necessary objectives in Watch Dogs Legion.

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