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Lidia Rozo
2020-11-04 14:22:38

More about: Watch Dogs Legion

Watch Dogs Legion allows us to get involved in some interesting activities and this leads us to tell you How to find the street artist

Who is the street artist in Watch Dogs Legion?

  This is an artist and is part of the best operatives that we can recruit in this game, although it may not be a very easy task to do, it is important to consider that it is usually necessary, locating them leads us to take a look at the accessories it has and the most relevant is the paint gun, this device is silent but not lethal, which can make things a bit easier when we are involved in the need to eliminate someone from a distance.
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How to find the street artist in Watch Dogs Legion?

 To achieve this, it is necessary to mobilize close enough to the GBB House building west of Camden, this must be done at night since it is the time where he usually goes out, this in a way is because his work is out of the law and doing it during the day is not viable, which makes us make some changes in case of playing in day mode because we can only find them during the night, and as soon as we manage to choose to recruit them through a fairly simple and short mission, this We usually focus on the possibility that these artists have positive feelings towards DedSec and we should take advantage of it.

 Street artists are simply easy to recognize, their most notable characteristics are:

  •  The use of an anti-gas mask on the face that covers everything.
  • We can get them by decorating walls of buildings.
  • His specialty is graffiti.


This is all you need to know about Finding the Street Artist, as this task allows us the opportunity to recruit new recruits for DedSec in Watch Dogs Legion.

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