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There are interesting activities in Watch Dogs Legion and knowing how to control drones is one of them, let's see.

Why control drones in Watch Dogs Legion?

  Undoubtedly, modernity has given way to not only man trying to control everything and this game, which in a way is quite futuristic, this can be evidenced, because simply drones usually seem to be taking control of everything, in such a way that it is necessary control them and make them fly since they usually:


  •   Watch the citizens.
  • Deliver packages.
  • Suppress dissent.
  • They spit propaganda everywhere and all the time.

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How to control drones in Watch Dogs Legion?

Value a drone is a task that in a way may not be very complex and this is because they can be hacked, in such a way that it is only necessary:


  •  On the controller, move the left lever since it is precisely in charge of controlling the flight destination.
  • Proceed so that the triggers can alter the altitude by moving left to go down and right to go up.
  • In the case of the mouse and keyboard, we proceed to press Left-Ctrl to go down and the space bar to go up.
  • Down with the D-pad or Z in the case of the keyboard changing the first person view.
  • The left mouse button and the right button of the bumper allow us to activate the contextual capacity of a drone.
  • To activate the contextual option, it is necessary to press the right button of the controller or simply press H on the keyboard.
  • Similarly, exiting a drone requires pressing B / Circle or simply Escape on the keyboard.


 In this game there are some number of drones but only three that can be hackable more easily where we are involved in advanced technology that in a way is related to the hijacking of drones, some can be somewhat expensive and may require certain skill.

There are three types of hackable drones in this game and they are as follows:

  •  Propaganda drone.
  • Surveillance drone.
  • Cargo drone.

 This is all you need to know about how to control drones, as it is simply an interesting and necessary task that we can and must do in Watch Dogs Legion.

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