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Watch Dogs Legion has come to entertain us for a long time and this allows us to tell you how to hack the security system, let's see.

How to investigate the Sandstone residence in Watch Dogs Legion?

As we progress in this game, we are offered the opportunity to perform a number of tasks and with this arises the need to know how to hack the security system, which is simply a mission and with it to start our journey through Bloody Mary Kelley, since this is precisely a clan that will make it necessary to return to the refuge and thus have some knowledge about the DedSec team.

Our journey to know How to hack the security system begins at the Sandstone residence, which allows us to start a mission in which the possibility of hijacking a drone is marked, as we are investigating we are allowed to access through a conduit ventilation that allows us to access the window from the room and thus enter the Kelley house, then it is necessary to go to another vent from the small room to move to the other side of the road in Watch Dogs Legion, when we reach the other vent we access a part larger in this house, from here it is possible to see a corridor that leads to the Spiderbot terminal and interact with it, since this allows us to access another ventilation system and from here go to the security room to complete Bloody Mary Kelley In addition to revealing a Red Bypass puzzle.
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How to hack the security system in Watch Dogs Legion?

 It is here where the puzzle itself is started, since this leads us to have to cross the room to choose to return to the Spiderbot terminal and thus get the blue path, from there proceed to go down through the path and extend ourselves along the wall of the circuit, since all this work is initially concentrated in the security room, in such a way that this allows us to go down the stairs and from here move on the right side to continue our journey along the path of blue color that can take us through the room and thus get to turn right to move along the wall, since this dead end brings us back to the room when it is usually blue.

 The Red Bypass has several puzzles in Watch Dogs Legion, but this is precisely the most complex, especially since our goal here is to ensure that all lines are exclusively blue, without exception, in such a way that our goal will be to focus only on certain paths left by the others. sideways since these allow us to move through the room to other dead ends that will somehow make it necessary to return again, however this is not work in vain since it will serve to unlock a red node, by the east side of the room, where precisely we get that this can be mostly blue connection.

 As we get involved in these dead ends, we are offered the opportunity to finally open the node in the security room, thus allowing us to complete the network bypass and thus simply have unlocked the node that is near the laptop , Giving us the opportunity to have achieved our goal about How to hack the security system, since interacting with the laptop allows us to activate a cut scene with which we can conclude the obtaining of the Sandstone Residence microphone and this allows us to control our character, we only have to leave the area to complete this mission in Watch Dogs Legion and thus continue our journey that still becomes long.

 This is all we know about how to hack the security system, it is simply a somewhat complicated puzzle but necessary to progress in Watch Dogs Legion.

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