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2020-11-02 07:12:13

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Watch Dogs Legion has arrived and with it interesting activities, so today we tell you how to obtain photographic evidence in the city of London

What is the goal of getting photographic evidence in the City of London in Watch Dogs Legion?

This is simply a challenge because the photographic evidence is not precisely in a place that is visible and this really makes it a formidable task, however, nothing is impossible when we propose it, touring the city is not as simple as one could Believe it, however, our task about how to obtain photographic evidence in the city of London, despite being difficult, is highly necessary and in this vein we will embark.
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How to get the photographic evidence in the City of London in Watch Dogs Legion?

Obtaining photographic evidence is simply a complex challenge in the district, there are other challenges that may be a little less complicated, however it is a necessary task, where we are given a beekeeper as a new operative, in such a way that at this point we are offered the possibility of accessing one of the new recruits and sufficiently qualified in this game, in this sense, it is necessary to hack a GBB news drone, in such a way that we have the opportunity to make it fly, through the opening of the red structure, as this allows us to access through the ventilation grills.

This is undoubtedly a complex but necessary task, there is no other way to achieve this objective, but in a way this type of challenging task allows us to have a little more strength in this type of game where we are put to the test, in such a way that when we access through the ventilation we can see that everything is dark so it was time to use the drone's flashlight, with it we can navigate until we reach a door that is closed, as it is not possible to open it we can fly the drone through a vent upwards in such a way that we are allowed to reach a room where the tests are precisely, it is only necessary to choose to press the D-pad and thus give the respective use to the camera of the drone to access to take photos.

 Definitely knowing how to get photographic evidence in the city of London even when it is a complex task, you can achieve it as long as you follow the instructions described here for Watch Dogs Legion.

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