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Today we bring you a Watch Dogs Legion guide with the objective of explaining where to find drone experts.

What to know from the drone experts at Watch Dogs Legion?

They are one of the very useful operations that we can have in the game, being capable of invoking drones as a skill, being in stealth missions they come to play an important role in their success, including the handling drones that explode on enemies is also possible, but something that can be highlighted above all the hacking of enemy drones, these being turned on to turn them against them, also passing over security and firewalls with a lot of ease, among the characters we have in the game, these are very valuable for performance, so it is important that we understand where to find drone experts to have them by our side, the details that will be presented below will help us in this regard. Let's follow them then.

Where to find drone experts at Watch Dogs Legion?
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There are in the game an important variety of drone experts that we can recruit, it is only necessary that we go east of the DedSec base, located in the city of Westminster, reaching the front of the parliament, we have to go through this area get an expert to the north edge of this area, at a long distance it is possible to identify, which is possible by means of what he has on his face as a green holographic screen, if we want to recruit the drone expert it is necessary that he Let's do it through a mission, in this case for the operation that is outside the Parliament, which will make it necessary to carry out the assault on an Albion fortress in Tower Hamlets, being already here we must locate a secret laboratory with the discharge, at In doing so, we manage to go to a new location to eliminate the stolen data found in a computer terminal, in this way we complete the mission and the recruitment is effective.

Finally, now that we know where to find drone experts we can move on to Watch Dogs Legion.

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