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Our walkthrough through Watch Dogs Legion lets us tell you How to Watch Stormzy's Rainfall Video

What is Stormzy's Rainfall video in Watch Dogs Legion?

  It is necessary to make it clear that this game has a complete music video and it is important to have the possibility of being able to enjoy it, in such a way that this leads us to want to know how to watch Stormzy's Rainfall video, because Stormzy is precisely a rapper who It has been included in this game and from which it is possible to take some advantage in terms of entertainment.
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How to view Stormzy's rain video in Watch Dogs Legion?

 In order to get to the moment where Stormzy can appear, it is simply necessary to have completed all of Skye Larson's missions, in such a way that it is possible to get Nowt to join DedSec and settle in the refuge, which implies some kind of progress. through history. Now, with Nowt on our side it is necessary to talk with her a bit, because she has some knowledge regarding the high-profile contract, which perfectly opens the door for us to be contacted with the rapper, as this gives us the opportunity to think about realizing our goal about How to watch Stormzy's Rainfall video.

 Stormzy is somewhat angry with SIRS in Watch Dogs Legion and this is usually because SIRS is in the task of closing the doors to him, so that is where we are to support him, which leads us to access the AV server in the lens from London and thus get the opportunity to take a car, drive and complete a bypass with which it is possible to unlock the system, as Stormzy tends to exaggerate a bit and this allows us to make a union that allows us to take it up and down the entire circumference to get to the server.

 Knowing how to see the Stormzy Rainfall video allows us to have the possibility of accessing the server, to start the upload, in addition we are presented with the opportunity to have the opportunity to control a drone powerful enough in Watch Dogs Legion, which perfectly well it is possible to use it to face the other drones that may assault us, while this is happening it is possible to enjoy the music video, considering that it is not possible to have the opportunity to distract ourselves much, this is a task that simply will not be fast, while this The charging process is usually completed, which allows us to have the opportunity to drive which opens the way to get us with Stormzy.

 When we get the music video to be recorded in a file, we manage to complete the mission, it is immersed in all the themes of this game, we get 1,500 ETO for completing the mission, in addition to having the opportunity to access the purchase of new clothes.

 This is all you need to know about how to watch Stormzy's Rainfall video to complete an interesting mission in Watch Dogs Legion.

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