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Lidia Rozo
2020-10-29 05:21:46

More about: Watch Dogs Legion

Watch Dogs Legion has arrived to keep us busy allowing us to tell you how to upgrade weapons

Is it possible to upgrade weapons in Watch Dogs Legion?

Of course, since as we progress in this game and have completed missions, we are offered the possibility of accessing new weapons, as well as making some considerable improvements, this in a way is presented to us thanks to our technology of hacking, which you have to get the most out of as possible.
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How to upgrade weapons in Watch Dogs Legion?

Before going on to the actual topic of upgrade weapons, it is necessary to mobilize around the map in order to get the so-called Tech Points, as this leads us to perform some missions or simply move through the main story where completing the tasks offers us the possibility of getting these points and accumulating them, since we can see them as simple collectibles.

The location of the points is shown little by little while we carry out some explorations in the city, since our tour of the map is just beginning, in such a way that these technological points simply tend to be seen as icons in the shape of a green diamond, with which it will be necessary to interact, since this action will allow us to get a total of 10 points, with them if we can do our work.

Now, with the points in our power, it is time to embark on finding a way to make the respective improvements of some weapons, so that it is only necessary to stop the game and choose to select the Technology tab, then select the improvement that we consider necessary just by holding down the X button or simply the A button in case of playing on the Xbox, once this we continue working on this game normally.

 This is all we can tell you about How to
upgrade weapons, because this is an interesting task that we can carry out in Watch Dogs Legion, give it a try.

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