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2020-10-28 22:25:58

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Today we are going to tell you how to recruit a video game designer, as this is an interesting task that we do at Watch Dogs Legion.

What is the need to recruit video game designer in Watch Dogs Legion?

This is simply a game where hacking is a valuable task and the main objective, so it is convenient to know how to recruit a video game designer, even though it is a task that can become somewhat complicated, but is worth it because it is allows us to unlock some achievements and trophies that are present in this game, considering that there is a good amount here.
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How to recruit video game designer in Watch Dogs Legion?

This is a task that leads us to develop it in steps, starting with the option to get the trophy and achievements starting from:


  •  We go to the Team screen where it will be necessary to review the section of possible recruits.
  • Here we have the opportunity to observe Callum Davies, who can be recruited in London, as he is a video game designer.
  • It is necessary to focus on talking a bit with him when he manages to leave the Royal London hospital building, as this is giving rise to our recruitment mission.
  • With that mission in mind, it is necessary to access the building to reach the roof and enter the CTOS center to access the security images.
  • We continue our recruitment work and this leads us to travel on the Stockwell subway as the transfer is faster, as it is necessary to reach the eStrom building when we arrive in Lambeth in order to erase the security images and thus protect the identity of the witness.
  • Next, our route takes us to mobilize in order to reach the roof of the building to enter the server room through a window, to get to this place it is necessary to move through the parking area and from there we access the roof.
  • We continue our journey to start deleting the security images once we have arrived at the cTOS terminal, as this leads us to use our drone in order to enter the room through a hole small enough that is at the door.
  • While we are carrying out the process of deleting the images, it is necessary to be careful, which leads us to stay close to the terminal avoiding that the drone can die since this ruins our plans, and this is due to the fact that there are some number of guards of Aibon struggling to hunt us down while we are erasing, so survival becomes a necessary task.
  • With the images already erased but the guards sniffing after us, it is time to escape and go far enough from the building that allows us to complete our work and thus have managed to recruit the video game designer.

 This is all you need to know about How to Recruit Video Game Designer, as it is a task that leads us to mobilize a bit through the eStorm building in London to get our work in Watch Dogs Legion off to a good start.

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