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2020-10-28 11:45:32

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Today we bring you a Ghostrunner guide where we will explain how to beat all enemies.

What to know about Ghostrunner?

 It is a futuristic action game that is played in the first person, available for the different consoles and the PC, where our main character has the mastery of the sword to face the different enemies that have to appear, making this ideal If you want to know how to beat all the enemies, put to this question we will have the necessary details in the next content, you just have to pay attention to the following.

How to beat all enemies in Ghostrunner?

 Explosives: this class of enemy acts in a kamikaze way, so it is necessary that we are in constant movement the moment it comes after us, we have to do it this way to see how to beat all enemies, which it will allow them to end up exploding out of our reach, in case it is a question of winning a race against them in Ghostrunner.

 Captain Leapos:
it can be said that this specific enemy is somewhat surprising when we meet him, they have to start from the ground and will be flashing red once they detect us, so when we come across this it is ideal to be out of their range , once they are flashing the light, our steps to follow is to be moving from one place to another in order to avoid their attacks, being necessary that we attract them to the ideal places where we have enough coverage, there is much more To see as to how to beat all enemies in Ghostrunner, let's move on.

 The Keatones: on few occasions we are going to run into these enemies in Ghostrunner, what we do is summon some clones of themselves, which make many shots and that we have to avoid, now it is ideal that we eliminate the Keaton who made the clones so that the others disappear, when we hit the real one we do not get rid of them and we have another solution to How to beat all the enemies that we are facing.
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The Shieldybois: it is a shootyboi that has a shield, the shots of these enemies are not with speed, but we must take care of the shield, since with it they are capable of causing critical damage, to eliminate it we have to hit them above why It is defenseless from this angle, or surrounding them in a circular way because their shields are curved and they will be following us, considering that we are faster, it is a fact to take advantage of it, having visual behind this in a few moments that we will take advantage of to de between How to beat all enemies, take away those of this class in Ghostrunner.

 The Shootibois: among How to beat all the enemies we have to consider the existence of 2 different classes of these, among which are the simple ones and the fast ones, we have that the simple ones become the most basic enemies in Ghostrunner, they cannot do continuous shots and can be an obstacle only if we are not focused on them, the shots are easy to dodge even without running, just moving to one side is enough to avoid damage, when going in a circle or even deflecting their explosions by counting with the right skill they are a possibility, while the fast ones if they are to be feared in some aspects, it is about the rootin, tootin, shootiboi, their shots are very fast, where the tricks in the previous class will not be as effective with this one, What we will do is cover ourselves until they stop shooting and in an interval we can attack it, if we find ourselves running towards the wall it is something that we can take advantage of, because these have serious difficulties during this action, resisting with the intervals the blue volley shots we can be winners.

 The teleporters: keeping in mind to know how to beat all the enemies we find the enemies that will appear at the end of Ghostrunner, they have highly lethal attacks, they live teleporting throughout the area when they are not shooting, they are difficult to hitting, with the fact that we get closer they end up going away, it is important then that we be precise with the moments in which they present vulnerability, otherwise we will not be able to get rid of them, we must seek to hit them at the right time.

 The Snipeybois: they have similarities with a turret, their attacks consist of a laser when we are in their range of vision, so we must be covered or it can kill us, what we will do then is to be in movement between the cover so that these remain out of our reach, considering the danger even in the short distance, we have to seek to get it out quickly, in this way we will have the advantage knowing even more how to beat all the enemies in Ghostrunner.

 The turrets: the movement of these is forward and backward, when we enter certain areas we find a laser sight pointing at us, it is important to get out of sight, due to the way in which they move we will have the possibility of approaching and cutting them, in Ghostrunner we meet these enemies on a few occasions, but we must consider it among the need to understand how to beat all enemies, so the advice we must apply.

 Courtesy of Slashies: this enemy has the purpose of cutting us in half, these prior to their attack turn red, the moment this happens we must press the button corresponding to the attack to stop this enemy's, having very high chances of success , it is a better option to stop than to dodge for those who will do that

 Finally, now that we know how to beat all the enemies, we can move on in Ghostrunner.

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