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Guide to learn how to get Excellent Throws in Pokemon Go

  Although they don't appear on the screen for all to see, Pokemon Go is all about numbers. The chances of hatching a given Pokémon, how often they appear in the wild, the odds of taking down and catching a rare Pokémon in a five-star raid. There are numbers behind all this. All in order to get a higher probability that you can get a rare Pokémon, also so that they can be thoroughly examined by doctors. You will understand this and much more once you know how to get excellent launches in the game and with this guide we will give you the details to achieve it.
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    How to get Excellent Throws in Pokemon Go?

    Seeing the odds of hatching a certain Pokémon from a particular egg might be enough for a trainer to give up on getting one altogether. However, a look at how certain elements of the game increase the chances that a trainer will catch a Pokémon can motivate them to improve their game, which is something we want to happen to you as well because of their importance.

    Throwing Pokeballs, for example, you can easily get XP points when performing the move, but it also increases the chance that the Pokémon will remain in the thrown Pokeball. That's why coaches should aim to get a great shot every time.

    Although the task is not entirely simple. We will take care to tell you here some ways in which you can greatly increase your chances.

    First you must choose the Pokemons to which you aim to excel. Wild Pokémon that appear closer to the camera and therefore have a larger and often slower closing circle.

    Some Pokemons that you can get with an excellent throw include Ponyta, Snorlax, Macahamp, and legendaries like Groudon. Such Pokemon are also less likely to roam. Only make that Excellent Throws attempt when a Pokémon is dead in the middle of your screen.

    If a Pokémon refuses to calm down, feed it a Nanab berry to calm it down. What's more, above all, wait. No hurry. Wait until the Pokémon is in the middle of your screen and has stopped jumping. Also, master your curveball technique if you haven't already. A Pokémon caught this way will not only give you more XP, but it will increase the chance of a Pokémon staying inside a thrown Pokeball even more than a regular excellent throw.

     Now that you know how to get Excellent Throws in Pokemon Go you will be able to prepare better movements for them when trying to capture the best species that you come across on your adventure. Luck!

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