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2020-10-28 11:36:43

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FIFA 21 keeps us constantly, so we need to know how to get FIFA Global Series players, let's see.

What to know about the FIFA Global Series in FIFA 21?

In order to win special rewards it is necessary that we be the spectator, once again we have the Global Series in a FIFA game, it is also possible to win the necessary tokens to be able to unlock the packages but as long as we know how to get FIFA Global Series players, for such an approach we will have the content to be presented below.

How to get FIFA Global Series players in FIFA 21?

It is necessary that our Electronic Arts and Twitch accounts are linked, so it is possible by going to the EA Twitch link page, and then following the instructions presented in it, once we do it, we have to for 60 minutes we must tune into an official event of the FIFA Global Series, these being broadcast from October 29 to the end of April, with a total of 10 and they are live, these are the following.
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  • FIFA 21 Challenge on October 29
  • South America regional qualifier on December 5-6
  • European Regional 1 on December 12 and 13
  • North America Regional 1 on January 9-10, 2021
  • European Regional Qualifier 2 on January 23 and 24, 2021
  • North America Regional Qualifier 2 on February 6-7, 2021
  • TBA event in March 2021
  • South America Regional Qualifier 5 on April 17-18, 2021
  • European Regional Qualifier 5 on April 24 and 25, 2021
  • TBA event in April 2021

For each event that we see we will win Tokens, taking into account the fact that they will not appear instantly reflected in our account, after we see the live broadcast, these tokens can be very useful to us by receiving a player token for each of Such events, these tokens cannot be transferred to the next round, so before the end of the year we must spend them, when we have enough we can unlock the challenges of construction of the squads, being necessary for each of the packages the following:

  • 5 Tokens for the Rare Players Pack
  • 4 tokens for the Mega Pack
  • 3 Tokens for the Electroshock Players Pack
  • 2 tokens for Premium Gold Package
  • Looking to get our player token we must be attentive to the start of the event on October 29 at 11 am PT, 2pm ET, 6pm GMT and 7pm EST.

It is clear that knowing How to get FIFA Global Series players allows us to have more fun in FIFA 21.

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