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Guide to learn how to unlock all weapons in Watch Dogs Legion

 As you advance in the game, it is not enough to say that you must improve your weapons so that your game remains smooth sailing. You will see that it is necessary the better your weapons are in the game, it will be easy for you to kill some of the toughest enemies you can find when infiltrating a building for a mission, so in this guide we will teach you how to obtain better weapons.

How to unlock all weapons in Watch Dogs Legion?

In the game, many of the things that you must dedicate yourself to is the constant improvement of weapons implies together with other members of DedSec with the improvement of equipment and skills revolves around Tech Points. You can earn Tech Points by clearing the districts, completing story missions, and they appear on the map. They are the green diamond icons that you see scattered everywhere. You won't have to try too hard to acquire enough to upgrade your weapons.

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When you're ready and have enough Tech Points on your character, go to your main menu and go to the tech tab. You will come across a list of various updates and new tools that you can unlock using the small pile of technical points that you have been constantly accumulating.

Weapon upgrades include larger magazine clips, causing them to deal more damage and even making them harder for enemies to hear.

If you find that you are not updating your gear or tools fast enough while participating in the main story, feel free to get off the beaten track and continue your adventure in the amazing London that the game has to offer.

  Now that you know how to unlock all weapons in Watch Dogs Legion you can keep your team at the level of the demands that will appear in the game, especially when you have to face enemy bases. Luck!

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