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2020-10-29 08:27:57

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Knowing how to change weapons is necessary in a combat world such as Watch Dogs Legion, let's see.

Why change weapons in Watch Dogs Legion?

This is actually a necessary task that we must carry out especially because we have some variety of them, since we are immersed in different missions and it is interesting to adapt the weapons to each situation since we do not always use them.
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How to change weapons in Watch Dogs Legion?

This is a simple but necessary task, sometimes we have some weapons equipped in such a way that it is likely that we will change the one we are using by one equipped, this makes us keep the D-pad pressed and use the analog stick to choose the weapon , when we manage to select it, we only choose to release the D-pad, however, we can make another type of change and that is to change the load, for which it is necessary:


  •  Open the menu by pressing the touch pad on the PS4 or the View button on the Xbox One.
  • Then we select the Team tab to choose the character we are controlling.
  • We proceed to press X on PS4 or A on Xbox One to change teams.


 This allows us to tell you about unlocking weapons since this is usually necessary here, only that this makes us have to get some amount of Tech Points since they are the only ones that can be used and this leads us to go to the menu to access the Tech tab and thus get the possibility of unlocking weapons, in addition to having the option to equip them from the Equipment menu.

 Definitely, knowing how to change weapons is a fundamental task in a game where the fighting is formidable and is full of missions, so do not miss this opportunity to enjoy everything that Watch Dogs Legion brings to everyone.

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