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2020-10-29 08:31:03

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Today we are here to tell you how to change agents, as this is a necessary task in Watch Dogs Legion.

Why change agent in Watch Dogs Legion?

This is simply perhaps a very important task and it is that we have the possibility of achieving it, because it is important to emphasize that each agent usually has certain particular skills is what is favorable since we can make some considerable changes, it is no longer necessarily a single protagonist that we can choose, somehow there are NPCs with whom it can be played and as we progress we will get with others, which simply becomes interesting.
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How to change agents in Watch Dogs Legion?

Changing the agent is actually necessary because there are some characters who are outstanding in the handling of weapons, while others can opt for hand-to-hand combat, in such a way that managing ourselves in each mission can represent a most favorable balance, however it is It is important to consider that while we are in the middle of a mission this will be a task that we cannot perform, on the other hand, being in a restricted area does not allow us to do so, on the other hand it is important not to be fleeing from the police since this cannot help us in this task.

Now, changing characters is a simple task, since it is necessary:

  •  Open the menu for which we press the touch menu of our PS4 or the View button of the Xbox One.
  • Then we move to the Team tab to look at the list of characters we have so far.
  • We proceed to use the left stick to select the one we consider changing.
  • Then we press and hold the Square button on PS4 or the X button on Xbox One.
  • We finally get a fast loading screen and proceed to take control of our new character.


This is all you need to do in Watch Dogs Legion, as it is an easy task to do and since you already know how to change agents, you just have to try and go.

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