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Watch Dogs Legion comes to occupy us a good time and therefore it is necessary to know What is the maximum number of recruits

This is an interesting task that we are allowed to perform in this game and we have the good fortune that there is a considerable amount of recruits, it is also possible to get practically most of them, as this gives us the possibility of taking control, over all because we are immersed in a world of chaos, on which it is possible to perform some interesting manipulations.
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What is the maximum number of recruits in Watch Dogs Legion?

You may have the ability to recruit:

  •  20 agents.
  • 60 candidates.


 Recruit allows us to cover some weaknesses that we can count on, here we can get a number of interesting characters that we can adapt to our reality, even though they do not necessarily usually join DedSec in a simple way, which will make us have to work and carry out Some tasks for them, however we managed to do it and most of them will join us, the percentage that they can reject is low, and here we can get some builders and especially police, the latter are favorable since they allow us to access certain areas that can be restricted and to which only they are authorized to enter.

It is necessary to emphasize that the work of recruiting is interesting because it allows us to have the ability to get characters that can have certain abilities that we can perfectly use to our advantage.

 In one way or another, knowing What is the maximum number of recruits is is a necessary task and this leads us to consider the possibility of working hard in Watch Dogs Legion to achieve it.

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