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2020-10-29 08:34:06

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Playing with friends in Watch Dogs Legion is interesting, let's see How to play in multiplayer mode

How many players can a multiplayer game play in Watch Dogs Legion?

  It is not planned that this mode will be incorporated on launch day, however it is available to everyone, because playing as a team is simply fabulous, however it is necessary to understand that we can only do it with a maximum of 4 people, so anyway It is necessary to be properly prepared for the update at the beginning of December, which will be where this mode is planned to be incorporated for enjoyment and it will only be necessary to click on the main menu to access it.

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How to play multiplayer in Watch Dogs Legion?

 This is a game that after the launch is scheduled to be an open world and with this the possibilities of a multiplayer mode are opened, which opens up the possibilities to play with more companions, because up to 4 people can share this work of moving freely through the map, because for our good fortune here there are a number of interesting missions as well as events that we can perfectly carry out.

 It is worth mentioning that this multiplayer mode will only be available from December 3, 2020, which gives us some chance to prepare, and is called Invasion, but everything seems to indicate that this will not be the only planned mode, because there is the new mode called Spider-Bot-Arena that allows us to have the possibility of participating in a deathmatch with a group of 8 players, fighting each other to get the last Bot standing and thus get an interesting twist on this game .

 Now that you know how to play multiplayer it's time to get ready because the strongest entertainment is yet to come at Watch Dogs Legion.

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