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The action does not stop at Returnal, so today we are going to explain how to Get Into the House.

What to know about the house in Returnal?

This is located in the biome of the ruins of the undergrowth, we will see it blocked when we get to it for the first time, here we have a place that we access after having made much progress in the game, when we manage to enter it we will see in-depth details of Selene, so to have an idea of how to Get Into the House it is necessary that we consider this guide and its content, which comes later, let's see it.
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    How to Get Into the House in Returnal?

    A key is required to enter the house, we will be able to obtain it once we have defeated Phrike, who turns out to be the first boss of the game, this is in the Crimson Wastes biome, then at the time we are in In the second biome we will be able to obtain the key to the house, which we can find by having progressed at this point near the same house, we just have to examine the surroundings and we will see a mark on the ground of a bright blue light, a Once we have it, it is possible to go to the main door of the house and enter, from now on this key is a permanent object that no matter if we die it will not be lost, there are many mysteries to discover here, considering that this house is the center of the game's history, it is important that each time it appears we go in to see what is new, it can be a scene or some dialogue.

     This is all that is required to know how to Get Into the House, we can only do it to discover new things about it in Returnal.

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