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We continue working on Returnal and this allows us to explain how to Turn on Inert Device.

What are inert devices in Returnal?

  These are a kind of circular stone foundations that are usually located on the ground, to find them it is necessary to explore a little in this game, as they usually work as a kind of fast travel mechanism, in this sense, knowing how to turn on an inert device It leads us to consider looking for them and giving them the respective use in order to move more quickly in this game.
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    How to Turn on Inert Device in Returnal?

    There is no way of knowing how to interact in an exact way with this device, but if it is vital to consider progressing in the game, avoiding dying as many times as possible can be very favorable, since that would not imply having to play a lot to find it, it is It is necessary to explore the map in order to reach a room after falling down a large unevenness, at the entrance we will see a chest, but when we get closer it collapses, on the other hand, we will see a well at the bottom of the room and in turn This contains a strange enough pedestal, we will see in the same way a dead creature at its feet, it is necessary to approach in order to interact.

    During this process to interact with the creature we will see that an alien technology is usually found, it will seek to install itself in the suit and with this we get to travel between two fixed points when using the inert device, which simply leads us to understand that it is active and from here it is feasible to give it the respective necessary use.

    Inert devices have the functionality of:


    •  Make use of two forms of fast travel.
    • A device is usually linked to another particular place considering that it is only possible to travel between the two.
    • We must consider that the other type allows trips between free devices that are usually scattered on the map.
    • It is ideal to follow the main story in order to reach the alien's room to loot and thus unlock fast travel.

     Now that you know how to Turn on Inert Device it is time to search and give it the necessary use in Returnal, try it,

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    April 30, 2021
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