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If you are wondering where to find the Anathema key in Returnal, you have to read this article because it has you covered.

What is the Anathema key in Returnal?

It is a lock that you will find shortly after starting the game, which you can only access with an item called Anathema Key, there is really no information that tells you where to find it, so this article will tell you where to find the key of Anathema.
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    Where to find Anathema's key in Returnal?

    The first thing to keep in mind is that the level will look different each time, as it changes with each cycle, but the location of the Anathema Key in Returnal remains the same each time.

    This key can be found on the back of the door with the red barrier blocking the way. You can go through here using the Atropian Blade, this weapon has a melee option with which you can go through the red barrier that is resistant to projectiles.

    After finding all the Overgrown Ruins, you don't need anything else to get the blade, so you'll have to be vigilant.

    When you have Atropian Blade you will have to return to the door that is blocked by the energy field> approach the barrier> press the Square button to use the weapon and cut the barrier.

    Kill the enemies that you will find behind the door, so you will have to use the key to open it and thus access the Vault of Anathema, which is marked on the map as a red door.

    As you pass the door of Anathema Vault, you will meet the first boss of Returnal, Phrike.

     That's all you need to know about where to find Anathema's key in Returnal, so we hope you can get the key as quickly as possible and gain access to the vault without any problem.

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