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There are many activities to do in Returnal, but today it is necessary to tell you How to Heal

What is the purpose of knowing How to Heal in Returnal?

We are in the middle of a game where staying alive and in good condition is a vital matter, because here we do not have any specific guarantee of healing, however, it is worth mentioning that as progress arises we are getting stronger, well It is here where healing objects come into play and make us have more strength to survive, there are also some enhancers that can be used, because we only have to unlock them as we progress, in this sense, it is necessary to be attentive to everything, because these options of healing usually occur randomly.
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    How to Heal in Returnal?

    There are two options to consider and they are:

    Heal yourself through healing objects: this is one of the options that this presents in this game, there are different healing objects, however, we are going to focus on the Silphium and these are the characteristics.


    •  Silphium is a green healing item commonly found in all biomes.
    • When we achieve this healing item, we are allowed to automatically restore integrity.
    • There are four varieties of Silphium, they are Small Silphium, Silphium, Large Silphium and Malignant Silphium.
    • There are Silphium vials that can serve as consumable objects and therefore be used to heal us when we consider it necessary.
    • The malignant Silphium can be somewhat risky, as it can cause some damage to our suit.

    Inert recuperators exist and they are viable enough as they can restore our health in great quantity, but this can make the enemies can get a little closer.

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