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Today we are going to tell you how to Heal in Biomutant, so pay close attention to what we have in this article.

What is Heal in Biomutant?

This is important because it will allow you to replenish your HP after taking damage and thus stay alive.

How to Heal in Biomutant?

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    As you go through the open world without being in combat you can recover health automatically, but if you are in combat you must use consumable healing items. These can be found all over the world in containers, inside chests and as a gain from various NPCs.

    To use one press Up on the Dpad then use the right analog stick and select the one you want to use from the radial menu.

    Release the right stick to use the healing item.

    The tempo and amount of Heal  required is listed in the inventory.

    If you get weak when in combat, you can increase your Vitality attribute after leveling up, also equipping good armor will improve your survivability.

      After introducing you to this article on how to heal in Biomutant, we hope you can find the heals you require during combat in the game.

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