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Today we bring you a Brawlhalla guide where we will tell you How to play with friends, let's see.

What is the point of playing with friends in Brawlhalla?

Simply have a little more fun, knowing how to play with friends allows us to expand to live more adventures, where fighting is the epicenter, it is possible to have the possibility of holding encounters with other players who have the game on the same platform as ours and this makes it feel a bit more interesting.

How to play with friends in Brawlhalla?

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  • This game with friends can only be played with players from the same platform, without exception.
  • It is necessary to start a new personalized room, that is private.
  • Then we must look for the numerical code that is housed at the top similar to "Room US-W # 125497" this varies according to the region.
  • It is necessary to copy it and send it to our friends, for this it will only be enough to do it as a direct message to Discord the platform on which we are playing.
  • Next, our friends must go to the personalized room in order to select "Join the room", where obviously they are asked for the code that we have sent them.

Now, to add a friend in our same system it is necessary:

  • Locate the left part of our screen because there we will see the list of players.
  • Next we must scroll to the profile of our friend to select view profile and that this can show us the Steam, Xbox or PS Network account of the game.
  • You just need to add it and that's it.

Remember this game cannot be played with friends while we are on different consoles, so there is no need to waste time trying this type of action, it would be a matter of waiting and seeing, if there is a possibility that this could change at some point.

We can conclude this guide on How to play with friends, so that we can have more interesting battles with other people in Brawlhalla.

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