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Lidia Rozo
2020-10-30 15:40:31

More about: Watch Dogs Legion

The action doesn't stop at Watch Dogs Legion and this lets us talk to you about How to kill VIP

What are the VIPs in Watch Dogs Legion?

  Undoubtedly, here there are a number of necessary objectives to which it is necessary to eliminate, and for which we usually receive some rewards, as is the case of Recovering London, which is a trophy, in addition to some relics.
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How to kill VIP in Watch Dogs Legion?

It is necessary to have the possibility of taking a look at the weak points that are orange, because it is precisely here where we are allowed to harm them, in such a way that it will only be necessary to point our firearm at them and voila, VIP are only 3:


  •  First VIP: to kill this VIP it is necessary to have a construction worker since they usually have the ability to manufacture drones and this VIP does not make much difference, our goal is to get on the plane and go to the tower Hamlets to kill him.
  • Second VIP: to kill him it is necessary to make the companions of this VIP go down since we must get him to be alone, once down we eliminate them and proceed to go to the VIP to kill him, this occurs in Islington and Hackney.
  • Third VIP: this is a drone, so it is our job to use a construction worker since they have the ability to manufacture drones, so it is only necessary to locate the weak point and proceed to shoot it to kill it in Nine Elms.

 In this sense, knowing How to kill VIP is a necessary task that we must perform in Watch Dogs Legion, so do not stop trying.

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