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Guide to learn how to customize Vehicles in Watch Dogs Legion

  The new game from Ubisoft called Watch Dogs Legion allows you to use different types of cars where you can move more easily around London. Many of these vehicles are in the open world, but some are accessible as additional perks for the agents you recruit. These operationally owned vehicles can be customized to change their appearance and if you want to add your personal touch to the car you plan to use, then this guide is for you!

How to customize Vehicles in Watch Dogs Legion?

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To customize your car in the game, you must first have a recruit who has a vehicle as one of his perks. This is necessary to access the customization menu. If you do not have an operation with a car, you will have to start getting one otherwise you will not advance. To get an operation with a car, look for a Secret Agent or Animator, since they have a car or motorcycle by default.

Once you have an operative that has a car as one of its perks, head over to the team menu. Select the agent who is the carrier of the vehicle and then press edit. Once you're on the edit screen, highlight your car and select Change paint job. This will take you to the vehicle customization screen, where you can change the color of your car. Changing colors is all you can do in terms of customization.

Customizing a car will unlock the Re-Wrap My Whip achievement.

 Now that you know How to customize Vehicles in Watch Dogs Legion you can give your car that unique touch to draw attention appropriately during your trips in London. Luck!

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