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Lidia Rozo
2020-10-30 15:49:57

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Today's guide to Watch Dogs Legion lets us show you where to find characters for recruitment.

What characteristics do the characters have for recruitment in Watch Dogs Legion?

This is a game where we have the advantage of getting several characters, and thus getting them together for the cause in DedSec in such a way that knowing where to find characters for recruitment is simply a necessary task.


  •   Some are powerful.
  • Some are strong.
  • There are unique characters.
  • The characters have particular abilities.

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Where to find characters for recruitment in Watch Dogs Legion?


 There is a variety and quantity of characters which simply makes it a somewhat complex task, so we will start talking about where to find characters for recruitment starting from the bare knuckle champions that make up a total of 7.


 First champion: This is a character that we are allowed to recruit in Watch Dogs Legion, which leads us to have to defeat the champion in the Solar Garden located to the southwest, this character is simply a powerful melee combatant, you can make use of this excellent ability against his enemies to make them stagger as well as being immune to gas especially since it already has some tear gas canisters.


 Second champion: We continue our journey through the search in the Knuckles League and this allows us to go for another recruit, this character particularly has the ability to wield a melee weapon, in addition to receiving very little melee damage, and doing If enemies tend to stagger, to recruit it you need to defeat the LDN Bus Depot in the south.


 Third Champion: Knowing where to find characters for recruitment allows us to have the possibility of embarking on a long but interesting quest and this character specifically has the ability to stagger enemies, since he can load devices while fighting melee, to recruit him it is necessary to approach the arena of Naked Knuckles in Chinatown.


 Fourth and fifth champion: this is a quest that leads us to participate in a double fight to be able to recruit them and this usually occurs in the Camden Market area.


 Sixth and seventh champion: these are the last champions of the League that we must recruit, the detail is that we must fight against them and this makes us fight against a couple of drunks in Watch Dogs Legion, it is a task that we must carry out in the Old Mill of Barley .


 We already talked about Knuckle Champions, now we go with the list of other characters that need to be recruited and they are the following:


 A construction worker: In this game it is necessary to have various characters and this leads us to mobilize through the story and thereby recruit a weightlifter, as it is vital to continue advancing.

Hacker: Without a doubt, this is an essential character, in order to achieve it it is necessary to complete the Camden area and cause an uprising, this character becomes special since it can:

  •  Do viral hacking.
  • Keys theft.
  • Shock hack.
  • Crypto skimner.


 Spy: Without a doubt, having a spy is necessary in Watch Dogs Legion and to achieve it it is necessary to free Westminster and complete the mission Like Clockwork.


 Drone Expert: This character can be recruited as soon as we manage to finish the Wheels in Motion mission, only to achieve it first it is necessary to complete Lambert since this allows us to free all the objectives.


 Royal Guard: to recruit the guards it is necessary to them we can get them west of the DedSec headquarters in the west building, they are essential since they allow us access to Buckingham Palace.


 Professional hitman: Watch Dogs Legion allows us to have several recruits and this hitman specifically is nothing more than Hitman who we get after having freed Nine Elms and completed the mission The Black Hole of Battersea.


 Anarchist: to recruit him you only need to complete Southwark and complete the information overload mission.


 Soccer Hooligan: This character requires having liberated the Islington and Hackney district, once this has been achieved it is necessary to complete the Fight or Flight Plan.


 Leader of the protest: The characters to recruit here this is a specific objective in the protest which makes us have to Complete the city of Westminster to recruit it.


 The bee keeper: In order to recruit her it is necessary on the one hand to free the London area completely and when this has been done complete the following Mind Games quest.


 Escape driver: This is another of the characters that we can recruit to achieve this, it is necessary to free Tower Hamlets and then choose to complete the mission Driven to distraction.


 There are other recruits that we can buy in this game for which it is necessary to have some credits and they are the following:

  •  The Lynx.
  • The snake.
  • The leopard.

 Now that you know where to find characters for recruitment, it is time to embark on this interesting search through Watch Dogs Legion, you will see that they are necessary and with them we can do great things.

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