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2020-10-30 08:50:49

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The action in Watch Dogs Legion does not stop so today we are going to explain how to get Stormzy.

What to know about Stormzy in Watch Dogs Legion?

He is a rapper and monster from London which has an important role, so many of us wonder if it is possible to know how to get Stormzy, since it is not possible current like this, now the necessary details will be in the following content of this guide, we just have to pay attention to see what it offers us in this regard, let's see it then.

How to get Stormzy in Watch Dogs Legion?

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The presence of this rapper is presented once we have invested heavily, having this the need to support him with his new music video, it is certainly not possible to play like this, to see the signature of this in the game it is necessary to use our money, If we want to unlock Stormzy's music video called Rainfall, we need to recruit Nowt, there are characters like 404, Skye Larson and Nowt himself that we will meet at the time of completing Skye Larson's mission story, thus making us a Nowt, since then we will continue with the missions and one of these is that of Stormzy, certainly before we must go through all the missions that are required until we reach this one that has to do with Stormzy.

In this way we finalize our Watch Dogs Legion guide, now you know how to get Stormzy, just enjoy it to the fullest.

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