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2021-05-05 07:51:34

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The action in New Pokemon Snap does not stop, so today we are going to explain how to get all the illumina Pokémon.

What to know about the Pokémon Illumina in New Pokemon Snap?

They are plants that are known as Crystablooms, which causes a shine in certain Pokémon, these come to be Illumina, being for this reason as a species of bosses, they are an important part of the story, progression markers in the game, it is ideal that Let's have an idea of ​​how to get all the illumina Pokémon and for this guide will give us the following details.

How to get all the illumina Pokémon in New Pokemon Snap?

  • Meganium: it is the first thing that we are going to meet in New Pokemon Snap, for this we must reach the second level of investigation for the Florio natural park scenario at night, it is necessary to unblock the Illuminate Orbs to get it.

  • Volcorona: it is first necessary to unlock the Founja Jungle scenario, both in the day and at night we have to overcome it, which will make a couple of routes appear, Voluca and Maricopia, in the case of the first we have Voluca, Now to find the Volcorona we have to complete Sweltering Sandys both day and night, thus unlocking the fire flow volcano with the second research level to achieve it, at the end of this area we have to go through the alternative route to get to deep into the cave, gaining access to the lighting point to take an ideal photo, for this we hit the Volcorona with Fluffruit and continue to see How to get all the Pokémon illumina later.

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  • Wishiwashi: the path of Maricopia that is in the Jungle of Founja will lead us to solve How to obtain all the illumina Pokémon, so both day and night we must complete the Blushing Beach area while we have the second level of investigation to unlock the reef, we complete it during the day and at the end we can go through an alternative route that places us in a blue hole that will be in the water, accessing the seabed area of ​​Lental, we must complete this level taking the photo of Volcarona, At the end of this place we find a Clawitzer, we throw an orb of life to it so that it lights up, thus noting a new route, we will go for the alternative, and we can unlock the Wishiwashi, to progress in the story we need a photo of it in school form.

  • Milotic: once we have completed the previous Pokémon, Volcarona and Wishiwashi in New Pokemon Snap, another place north of the Founja Jungle is liberated, the place must be completed with the second research level so that the illumination point is unlocked, achieving the turn to get Milotic, to take a picture we have to hit him with apples.

  • Steelix: it is required to have in the other levels the second level of research, which allows on How to obtain all the Pokémon illumina access to the snow fields of Shiver, you have to complete this place both day and night, which allows the unlocking of the cave of escapes, at the end while we reach the second level of investigation we can take a photo of the ancient ruins so that the point of Enlightenment is released with Steelix, we throw orbs at it while we scan the areas that are nearby to finally achieve a Photo.

  • Aurus: now we have access to the ruins of memory, you have to reach the second research level to access the last point of Illumina in New Pokemon Snap, then to do this you have to throw orbs to all the Crystablooms to progress in the area until a statue is light up, you also have to throw orbs at Eldegoss and Golurk to get them out of our way, in the end we light up all the Crystabloom to reach the end.

In this way we finalize our New Pokemon Snap guide, now that you know how to get all the illumina Pokémon, just enjoy it to the fullest.

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