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With our Genshin Impact guide you will learn more about How to open the secret room.

Why open the secret room in Genshin Impact?

With its recent update we have in the game the opportunity to access an important reward, this through a new search, mostly we can help improve our characters with the materials that we will find, only that it is necessary that we understand how to open the secret room and that is why we have the content of this guide to guide us, you just have to follow below.

How to open the secret room in Genshin Impact?

It is necessary that in Genshin Impact we find 3 objects, these being the priest, princess and scribe box, which are in the surroundings of Dragonspine, the recent region that was added with update 1.2 is the frozen tundra, considering then that the climate Cold has to do mostly with the new elements and mechanics, only that this can hurt us at some point, the frost tree was also added, which comes to fulfill a similar function to the statues of the seven, which offers agate crimson we can obtain a certain reward and among them is some usefulness against the cold, also the secret room is new, behind this is the luxury chest with artifacts, leveling materials, blackberry, primogems and a crimson agate, then it is ideally we see How to open the secret room, it is possible that we access some engravings that are related to another search, so it is vital to find the 3 chests first.
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    • The princess's chest: we have this to the northeast of Dragonspine, we must reach an island in the center once past the frost tree, when we get here we have to activate a challenge by touching a sword, where we must defeat some wizards of the abyss within 60 seconds, after which the chest appears.

    • The priest's chest: as for How to open the secret room specifically for this chest we have that to the northeast of Dragonspine it is out of the way, near some ruins we find Anemo fairies, with them, it is possible to make a wind current to reach the top of the tower, in the next 3 meters will be the chest.

    • The scribe's chest: this will take us in Genshin Impact to the south of the teleportation that is outside the cavern of the starburst, then near here there is a stone monument to the northwest, to which we have to put flowers to unlock the chest.

    • The secret room: it is necessary to travel to the beacon that is on the nail world in Skyfrost Nail, inside this cavern we have to go down the ramp to the west, when we are at the top we must fly inside another ramp upwards, Above Waypoint is precisely the secret room, noting that there is another area of ​​the cavern that leads to the side of the Seelie fire torch.

    In conclusion, knowing how to open the secret room is excellent because we can advance further in this interesting and moving Genshin Impact.

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