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Today we are back with New Pokémon Snap to guide you on where to find all the Legendary Pokémon.

What to know about the legendary Pokémon in New Pokémon Snap?

There is a good amount to consider of this kind of Pokémon, which will be ready to be captured by our camera, only that some are more complicated than others when it comes to wanting to do it, in total we can access 10, so to understand where find all the legendary Pokémon available for now, and we will have the details of this guide that come next.

Where to find all the legendary Pokémon in New Pokémon Snap?

Let's see below the details of the legendary Pokémon that we can find in New Pokémon Snap:

  • Shaymin: it is the first one that we can access in New Pokémon Snap, the best thing about this are the different options to find it, which is presented in the first Illumination point that is unlocked, here Meganium is also presented, we must look to the left behind the cliffs, another option as to where to find all the legendary Pokémon for this is the natural park of Florio at night, you have to go almost to the end of this site, the field of flowers, having on our right a flower of Crystalbloom, but there is another hidden one, we must target this one to throw an Illuminate orb at him and therefore Shaymin will be attracted, from now on it is possible to take some photos of him, after this he also usually appears on the day in the same place.
  • Mew: during the night in the Founja Jungle we will be able to find him in New Pokémon Snap, for this as soon as we start we will turn the camera, which allows us to visualize a couple of Morellul standing watching us, what we will do is use the melody so that they dance, resulting in the appearance of a purple orb in the center, if we hit this orb with a Fluffruir we have Mew going to come out at some point while we progress through the stage, and we can progress in relation to where to find all the legendary Pokémon.
  • Celebi: as for where to find all the legendary Pokémon, we have Celebi who becomes one of the easiest to photograph, for this we jump to NEO-ONE to go to the Elsewhere forest, we must avoid going around in the labyrinth, and we will find him flying at the end of this place.

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  • Ho-Oh: we are before one of the most interesting in relation to where to find all the legendary Pokémon, which is located in the volcano of fire, its appearance is random on the stage, what we will do is turn our camera to our right at the beginning of the stage to surely notice it between a couple of rocks, otherwise we go down the area while we are alert at New Pokémon Snap to catch it.
  • Diancie: our search for answers on where to find all the legendary Pokémon this time takes us to the Outway cave, the moment the option of the available routes is presented, we have to finally go for the alternative, considering having the third level of investigation for it, noting that below we will see two Carbink and Mawile, then when hitting them with an orb of Ilumina we have that in New Pokémon Snap Diancie will appear.
  • Manaphy: for this you have to go to the Maricopia reef at night, it is a location that to unlock you have to have progressed a lot, here we must go through the alternate route that we will find while we move through the area, here are many Lapras, it is ideal hitting them with Ilumina orbs, but there are a couple of these that are far apart, targeting them can be complicated, when we do it a couple of the closest to us will be together, at this moment to see where to find all the legendary Pokémon specifically we use the Melody for Manaphy to jump out of the water, right in the middle of these two, being important in New Pokémon Snap to be fast for this one.
  • Jirachi: we continue our search that solves where to find all the legendary Pokémon and for this specific one it is necessary to be in the ruins of memory, this after we have exceeded New Pokémon Snap.
  • Xerneas: it could be said about the final boss in New Pokémon Snap, this is not actually hidden, you just have to reach the end to take the photos while we are in the second level of investigation, there are still a couple of answers about where to find all the Legendary Pokémon, so let's move on.
  • Lugia: to photograph this will be one of the most complicated legendary Pokémon, our beginning is in Slow Seafloor, with the third level of investigation in New Pokémon Snap, we will go through the alternate area of ​​the stage at the beginning, being necessary that Clawitzer has knocked down the wall on our left, when we continue along this path we come to notice a Lanturn, when hitting it with the Ilumina orb it will go to the bottom, which makes several guide Pokémon appear going up the stream, even a Wailord we can see pass, then it happens that Lanturn is caught by some Frillish, what we will do in terms of where to find all the legendary Pokémon is to hit the Lanturn one more time with an orb of Ilumina so that it is released, from now on it becomes our guide through the hidden underwater cave that We must scan so that the road is unblocked, arriving at the location of Lugia who is sleeping, which allows taking photos of him in that state, however it is possible to leave Attack him with a Light Up Orb by hitting the Crystalbloom flower to make something interesting happen.
  • Suicune: in relation to where to find all the legendary Pokémon we have reached the last one, only that to unlock this it is required to meet some challenges, starting with the Shiver Snowfields during the day to start a race, a place that to our left We find an Alolan Sandslash that we are going to photograph, as we advance a little we find a Sandslash to also take a photo of it, which allows us to free a hidden route, when scanning it will be available, after that we complete the phase, and now we have to start a race on the same stage, but at night, to our right here we will see a Crabominable, to which we will throw an Illuminate orb that will make a Froslass appear on our left, and we will photograph it to reach a new path, if We scan for your availability, now in this place we can see Jynx in an Avalugg on the far right of the screen, you have to aim it to hit it with an Illuminate orb, it that will make the Suicune appear from behind running in the water towards where we are in New Pokémon Snap, being our opportunity to take photos of it.

Thus, we finalize our guide on where to find all the legendary Pokémon, hoping that you can get the best out of each of them in this incredible adventure that we have in New Pokémon Snap.

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