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If you still don't know how to solve cable puzzle in Biomutant, with this article we will tell you how to solve it, so stay tuned below.

What is the cable puzzle in Biomutant about?

It is a puzzle that revolves around connecting cables to generate a designated value, the problem is that it is one of the most complex puzzles in the game, so knowing what to do to complete it is very valuable, that's why here we will teach you how to solve cable puzzles.

How to solve cable puzzle in Biomutant?

First, you need to focus on the gray chain of characters at the bottom, a very important stat that you will have to generate in order to complete puzzles. For one of the wire puzzles in the game, the beads will be six Xs, while there will be two Xs, two Ys, and two Zs in another, this is very important when connecting the wires to the terminals.
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    Note that many terminals have a positive value with a white number, while the negative value will have a yellow color. What you should do is look for a combination of six terminals that generate the destination string when the total number of negative values ​​is subtracted from the total of the positive ones> after identifying the six terminals you will have to connect the cables to them to obtain the solution on the gray rope.

    Stop complicated, but reviewing the possible solutions should clarify the picture a bit for you. In the case of the six X puzzle above, you can use terminals with a positive value of 10 X and a negative value of 4 x. At this point you will find details about specific terminals that you can use, in the same way here you have the solution:

    • Terminal 1: XX Terminal 2: XX Terminal 3: X Terminal 4: X Terminal 5: XXX, -XX Terminal 6: X, -XX.

    Regarding the puzzle of the XXYYZZ cable you will have to use terminals with positive values ​​of 4 X, 4 Y and 4 Z, and total negative values ​​of 2 X, 2 Y and 2 Z. The following are the terminals to which you will have to connect the cables:

    • Terminal 1: XX, -Y Terminal 2: ZZ, -X Terminal 3: XX, -Z Terminal 4: YY, -X Terminal 5: YY, -Z Terminal 6: ZZ, -Y.

    That's everything you need to know about how to solve cable puzzles in Biomutant, so now that you have it, we hope you can solve this puzzle quickly and get on with the rest as soon as possible.

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