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2021-05-27 20:48:50

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Everyone is wondering how to use the multi ball in Knockout City and in this guide we have covered it all.

What is the multiple ball in Knockout City?

It is a special field ball that will allow you to access more launch balls.

How to use the multi ball in Knockout City?

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You should know that when you collect the Multi Ball, the game will show it to all the players in the match, when you hold it, you will have one ball in your hand and two others around you.

After you throw one, another from the floating stash hits your hand, giving you a huge boost for everyone on the team on the field, to quickly follow up on any throw with another.

The pitches are not always going to stay on the field. When one of the silver balls has been thrown, it has five seconds to disappear, if you pick it up before that time, the timer around the ball will stop, and it will restart when it hits the ground again.

We hope that after reading this article on how to use the multi ball in Knockout City, you can use it to give everyone on the team a big boost and get the most out of the game.

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