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Lidia Rozo
2020-09-26 16:38:36

More about: Among Us

There are a number of cool things to do in Among Us and one of them is knowing how to change color, let's see.

Why change color in Among Us?

  Although it is true this is a game where there are interesting activities and where impostors are the order of the day, it is necessary to join a game to which a specific color can be assigned, as this is part of the particular style that has been achieved. be highly welcomed by the public.
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How to change color in Among Us?

 This is a task that we can do quite easy on our PC or our mobile, we only choose to visualize the X marked in this game on the color that we have taken, only that this should be considered well before starting the game, since if there is one number of players needed this will start without changes, because here it is possible to make changes in terms of skins, pets, hats and obviously the color.

 To change the color it is only necessary:


  •  You need to join this local or online game.
  • Then go to the lobby.
  • Once there, it is necessary to get closer to where the laptop is located.
  • Then go to the Personalize icon that is visible at the bottom of our screen on the right side.
  • We proceed to click on it.
  • Then a menu appears where we can see the customization options.
  • Finally, click on the Color tab and choose to choose the one that we consider viable.

 Now that you know how to change color it is important to execute it and give it a particular touch in Among Us.

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