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2021-11-10 18:28:33

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If you don't know how to earn more stars in Among Us don't worry, because in this article we will explain in detail and quickly how to get them.

What are stars in Among Us?

It is one of the new currencies that have arrived in the game with the Roles and Cosmicube update.

How to earn more stars in Among Us?

Although they are a currency, they are not just any currency, since they are the game's new premium currency, which you can only get by buying it with real money.
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To be able to buy the stars you will have to go to the store from the main menu, where you can locate it by the dollar sign > select the star icon at the top > choose the quantity to buy. At this moment you will be able to buy in packs from 20 to 300 stars, which range from $ 1.99 to $ 24.99.

You should note that this currency will allow you to buy cosmetic items that are entirely visual, so they will not add any skills.

That's all you need to know about how to earn more stars in Among Us so now that you have everything you need to know, we hope you manage to get as many stars as possible if you have the money available for it.

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