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Lidia Rozo
2021-11-11 19:08:24

More about: Among Us

We keep talking about bugs in Among Us and this makes it necessary to explain how to fix the Server Disconnected error.

What is the Server Disconnected error in Among Us?

 This is another inconvenience that is usually occurring in this game, and it is usually related to the most recent server updates, in this sense, knowing How to check the Server Disconnected error leads us to be attentive and thus allows us to apply some simple actions and for that we are here.

How to fix the Server Disconnected error in Among Us?

 It is good to have some patience and for this we must consider:

  • Change server: this is an option that can be applied because sometimes this can be saturated due to the amount of users that typically are using it, the game an impressive boom, in this sense, it is necessary to take care of configuring a game and for this we must choose a new server.
  •  Check the internet connection: this is another alternative that can be used perfectly well, and for this it is typically necessary to restart the router, this will be enough, however, in case of not solving the failure it is ideal to contact the service provider.

Read Also:

  • Verify that the game is updated: this is usually recurrent, most of the games tend to show errors when they are not updated, in this sense, we must consider having Steam configured in the Library, once this has been given we will check if there is need for an update, we just have to use the Play button that will say Update and that's it.
  •  Be aware of the social networks: if we have not been able to solve this problem we must be attentive on Twitter because the developers here usually provide information.

 This is all we know about How to fix the error Disconnected from the server, so that allows us to apply any of these fixes and thus continue enjoying Among Us.

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